PODCAST 09.05.19 with Shiboka Soundsystem

Shiboka Soundsyste

Shiboka Soundsyste


We are back this thursday 9th of may for a new radio show!

We’ll have Shikoba, a young beljam crew. Shikoba Soundsystem was founded in 2017. They bring roots & culture in a soundsystem and dubwise fashion with a focus on sound quality and the concsious message of Dub. The name Shikoba comes from an old African custom. When somebody did something wrong the tribe takes him or her to the center of the village where they remind that person of all the good things he did in life. During this custom everybody repeats ‘Sawabona’ which means “ I respect you, value you and you are important to me”. That person responds ‘Shikoba’, which means “ So I am good and therefor I exist for you”.

But first, we’ll introduce our release party and will play some tunes from Unlisted Fanatic, Oulda, Jamma Dim and Gamma Sound!

Check Shikoba’s facebook page here : www.facebook.com/shikobasound/

Tune in Radio Panik tonight at 9.30 PM till 11.30PM—> www.radiopanik.org for the stream.


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