We have bad news :

Brussels environment, the park owner, told us 10 days ago they also gave the venue to a new guinguette / open-air cafe . They have all the place… So unfortunately,It’s not possible to make it there if they are there as well. Brussels Environment showed us another place in the park but it’s not an official place and it would take so much time to have the different autorisations.

And it’s not all. The have changed the rules about the sound limit. Last year we could push till 90 db. Now we can’t push over 85 db. It’s not enough for soundystem vibes as you know. If we play over 85 db, we’ll have a fine!

Well, it’s really too much risks for us. We can’t do it with a sound so weak and without autorisations.

So unfortunately we have to cancel the session.

We just don’t understand why the have waited till now to told us these importants informations. If we knew it a few month ago, maybe we could find another venue or directly cancel the event. It’s a shame. We worked a lot to make it happen and learn that so close from the dance is really hard.

We are really sorry. We were so happy to make it again and give you a big dance
Be sure we will try to make a dance soon !

Echo Space Crew

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