RELEASE : Gary Clunk : Archives of dub vol. 3

Reservoir Dub is happy to release a compilation of tunes composed and mixed by the french dubmaker Gary Clunk. This album is called “Archives of Dub vol.3” and includes 6 tunes + the 6 dub versions. Those Archives of Dub are a picture of a period : the tracks were mixed between 2015 and 2020… 100% stepper style! The first two volumes has been successfully released through the labels “French Dub Released” and “ODG Prod”.

For those who don’t know Gary Clunk : he’s a French dub producer since 2003 located around Bordeaux. He created Storm & Break records with his friend Hatman. He’s also involved in several projects like The Subvivors and was playing in the band Uptown Rebel a few years ago. His live dub spirit was mostly inspired by Improvisators Dub and Manutension. Gary Clunk represent – among some friends – The Bordeaux Dub School.

Archives of Dub vol.3 isavailable for free directly though our website from the 16th of December 2021 but also on bandcamp and the streaming platforms!

You can download (mp3 320 format) the release here :

or Stream here :

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