Jokah Jeff’s mixtape!

We are very happy to share with you this mixtape that our main selector – Jokah Jeff – made for Reggae Excursion Radio :

We Hope you will love this selection
Here is the tracklist :
1.Linval Thompson: give me back (thompson sound)
2. dub
3. Jerry Adams : Some a hala (jah b)
4. version
5. Freddie Clarke : home we gonna do (main line)
6. Negro : unite (iroko)
7. DJ Humble i : unite tonight
8.Jah Shaka Official: revelation 18 (jah shaka)
9.Ras Teo Fan Page: Bad Friday (jah love)
10.The Disciples: African soul (dubplate)
11. dub
12. Sama Renuka : sacred woman (reservoir dub unlreased tune)
13.Unlisted Fanatic: dub
14. Prince Livijah : ancient warrior – chalice remix (sip a cup records)
15. mau mau dub
16. Rassai i : done dem again (@earth & power soundsystem recordlabel
17.Dub Foundry: dub them again
18.Ras Tweed: afrikan people (MELLOW VIBES STUDIO PRODUCTION)
19. Mellow Vibes crew : afrikan warrior anthem
20. Dubble : south side dub
21. Dubble : melodica side dub (dub tunnel)
22.Rdh Hi-Fi: hiboo (Blackboard Jungle)
23.Metta Frequencies: lost control (Reservoir Dub Records)
24.Gary Clunk music: dub activist : storm & break
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