PODCAST 24.06.21.

We a roots

We a roots


JahKehLine is playing reggae dub music right now on Radio Panik for the Reservoir Dub Radio Show!




1) Stand High Patrol – Same Justice (Stand High Records, 12inch)
2) Awa Fall x Alpha Steppa x Ashanti Selah – We Shall Live (Steppas Records, 7inch)
3) Awa Fall x Alpha Steppa x Ashanti Selah – We Shall Dub (Steppas Records, 7inch)
4) Zion Train – Leopold Senghor Dub (Star Of Hope – Africa, Album)
5) Zion Train – Patrice Lumumba Dub (Star Of Hope – Africa, Album)
6) Zion Train – Steve Biko Dub (Star Of Hope – Africa, Album)
7) Danny Red – We A Roots (Reservoir Dub Records, 12inch)
Haspar – Roots A Dub (Reservoir Dub Records, 12inch)
9) Sama Renuka – Sacred Woman (Reservoir Dub Records, 12inch)
10) Unlisted Fanatic – Divine Dub (Reservoir Dub Records, 12inch)
11) Esaia – Metropolis (Dubquake Records, 12inch)
12) Esaia – Rose City (Dubquake Records, 12inch)
13) Nga Han & The Hi-Flyers – Way Out (Emergence, LP)
14) Nga Han & The Hi-Flyers – Versatile (Emergence, LP)
15) Hugh Mundell ‎– Rasta Have The Handle (Vp Records, 7inch)
16) Slimmah Sound & Lyrical Benjie ‎– Beta Krystian (Firm In Jah, LP)
17) Slimmah Sound & Lyrical Benjie ‎– Alpha Dub (Firm In Jah, LP)
18) Junior Roy Meets Ashanti Selah – Reality Talking (Urban Observations, LP)
19) Junior Roy Meets Ashanti Selah – Dub Talking (Urban Observations, LP)
20) Stepart – Another Night (Stand High Records, 12inch)
21) Stepart – Rainy City Blues (Stand High Records, 12inch)
22) Alpha Steppa feat. Pupajim – Dear Friend (Steppas Records, 12inch)
23) Alpha Steppa – Dear Dub (Steppas Records, 12inch)
24) Rod Taylor – Make It Work (Mad Mac Dubplate Records, 12inch)
25) Social Living Sounds – Make It Dub (Mad Mac Dubplate Records, 12inch)
26) Bass Trooperz – Politicians Rule Mahom Remix (Force, 2xLP)
27) Michael Prophet – Free Up The Vibes (Rootical Attack Records, 12inch)
28) Kenny Knots – Shine His Light (Scoops Records, 7inch)
29) Sandeeno – Better Way (Solitaire Records, 7inch)

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