PODCAST 24.12.20. X-mas show!

new lion's den

new lion’s den

New podcast!

We’ll play some brand new releases from
– RockersTime
– jamasound
– Lion’s Den
– Higher Meditation
– original dub gathering,
– Feldub
and more!
Stream here : www.radiopanik.org



1. The Gladiators – We Are The Warrios (Back To Roots, LP)
2. The Gladiators – Marcus Garvey Time (Back To Roots, LP)
3. Dub Station Feat Ganja Tree – Fitness Dub (Rub A Dub School Records)
4. Nabby Clifford – Which Way (Rockers Time Again Records)
5. Buguinha Dub meets RockersTime All Stars – Dub Way (Rockers Time Again Records)
6. Jamasound – Superpanorama (Superpanoramas, LP)
7. Jamasound – Superpanorama Dub (Superpanoramas, LP)
8. Jamasound – Rapido solo (Superpanoramas, LP)
9. Ashkabad Meets Baltimore – No More Water (Four Shades Of Dub, LP)
10. Higher Meditation – On The Way To Zion (Lions Songs Records)
11. Higher Meditation – On The Way To Dub (Lions Songs Records)
12. Higher Meditation – Live Good (Lions Songs Records)
13. Higher Meditation – Live Dub (Lions Songs Records)
14. Crucial Rob – Spiritual Jujitsu (Pathology, EP)
15. Crucial Rob – Spiritual Jujitsu Binghi Dub (Pathology, EP)
16. Feldub – Rockers Anthem (Art-X remix) (Banzaï Lab & ODG PROD, EP)
17. Feldub – Perilous Time feat. Kojo Neatness (Black Beanie Dub remix) (Banzaï Lab & ODG PROD, EP)
18. Feldub – No Matter What The Wicked Say (Fabasstone meets Shanti D remix) (Banzaï Lab & ODG PROD, EP)
19. Feldub – No Matter What The Wicked Say (Fabasstone meets Shanti D Dub version) (Banzaï Lab & ODG PROD, EP)
20. Nazamba – She Solid (Zamzam Sounds, 7inch)
21. Von D – She Dub (Zamzam Sounds, 7inch)
22. Dub Judah & Mystical Powa – Unity Is Strength (4Weed Records, 12inch)
23. Saxophone Rootsman – Global Rockers Sax Cut (4Weed Records, 12inch)
24. Smockey – Dem A Fight We (Black Legacy Records, 10inch)
25. Keety Roots – Dem A Dub We (Black Legacy Records, 10inch)
26. Dixie Peach ‎– Never Give Up Jah (Dub Hunters Records, 7inch)
27.Dub Hunters – Melodica Version (Dub Hunters Records, 7inch)

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