Jahkeline selection!

Jahkeline selection!

New podcast!

We’ll play some upcoming vinyls releases from Dub-Up HiFi/Records and Vibe Generator Records records and also some music from Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and many more!

Hosted by Woodub and Jahkehline

Stream here : www.radiopanik.org



1. Bunny Wailer – Dreamland (LTD Lp)
2. Fikir Amlak & The Hi-Flyers – Limitless (Dub Up Hifi Records, 7 inch)
3. Kingston Echo – Rastaman Antenna Dub (Dub Up Hifi Records, 7 inch)
4. Fikir Amlak & The Hi-Flyers –Prepare (Dub Up Hifi Records, 7 inch)
5. Kingston Echo – Relief Dub (Dub Up Hifi Records, 7 inch)
6. Babbajah – Good King (Vibe Generator Records, 7 inch)
7. Jah Embassy Players – Good Dub (Vibe Generator Records, 7 inch)
8. Peter Tosh – 400 Years (Heart Beat LP)
9. Peter Tosh – Wanted Dread & Alive (Virgin Records LP)
10. Peter Tosh – Rastafari Is (Virgin Records LP)
11. Peter Tosh – Oh Bomboclaat (Virgin Records LP)
12. Peter Tosh – I’m The Toughest (Virgin Records LP)
13. Peter Tosh – Pick Myself Up (Virgin Records LP)
14.Peter Tosh – Dem Ha Fe Get A Beatin’ (Virgin Records LP)
15. Peter Tosh – I Am That I Am (Columbia Records LP)
16. Peter Tosh -Equal Rights (Columbia Records LP)
17. Monyaka – Do you know (Monyaka Records, 7inch)
18. Monyaka – Version (Monyaka Records, 7inch)
19. Ras Ico & The Shades – Search Within Yourself (Darker Shades of Roots Records, 7inch)
20. The Shades – Temple of I Dub (Darker Shades of Roots Records, 7inch)
21. Tetrack – Simple Things (Message Records, 7inch)
22. Augustus Pablo – African Step (Message Records, 7inch)
23. Tetrack – Rap Up (Rockers Records, 7inch)
24. Pablo Levi & Clevi – Three in one (Rockers Records, 7inch)
25. Tonton David – Peuple Du Monde (Virgin Records, 7inch)
26. Ras Ranger & The Inn House Crew – Message In The Music (Room In The Sky Records, 7inch)
27. Wayne Jarett – Come Let’s Go (City Line Records, 7inch)
28. DiegoJah – Bubbling Style (Downbeat Sounds, 7inch)
29. Dougie Wardrop – Bubbling Dub (Downbeat Sounds, 7inch)

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