Worrying/Lose Control (RDR 1002) is out!

RDR 1002 out now

RDR 1002 out now

Greeting everyone. It’s a big day for us : our new 10inch is finally out today. What a joy, we were waiting for a long time

You can find 2 tunes that we love so much +  » WORRYING + dub » on the A side from I-mitri CounterAction and Forward Fever and « LOSE CONTROL » from Metta Frequencies on the flipside.

–>The pre orders are over now but you can buy it on bandcamp for 12 euros (including digital release) : reservoirdubrecords.bandcamp.com/…/worrying-lose-co…

–>It’s also possible to order it by bank transfer or hand to hand for 10 euros + shipping.

–>You can also buy the digital release for 5 euros

–>Feel free to link up the artists. They (will) have copies (really soon)

The vinyl records will be very soon in all the nice shops.

In the meantime you can listen it on soundcloud :

Big Up to the artists and thanks to all the people who support the reservoir dub project.

More love!

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