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yes we dub#2

yes we dub#2

We are back in Gembloux for a new dance!

For this second edition, we are really happy to welcome one of the actual biggest soundmen : Aba Shanti-I for a special set of 3 hours!
He will play on the Gamma Soundsystem… Be ready :-)

Line-up :

Aba Shanti I (3h set) – UK
Reservoir Dub
Gamma Sound
AVL! (warm up)

Special guests :

Jamma Dim

presales : 10 euros (tax included)
Doors : 12 euros

FOOD : Le Pain kot’y bien – Déchets Company Limited will sell some pizzas! If you have no time to eat before to reach the dance ;-)

Join us on facebook :

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Rise Up/Legacgy (RDR1001) is out now!

rd release

rd release

Yesss dub addicts!

Rise up/Legacy – our first release – is officially out! What a joy!!

The vinyl is already available at :

Reggae Dub Shop–>

Control Tower —>

Rasta Vibes —>

Dub Vendor —>

Jah Waggys —>

Blackamix —>

You can also have a copy directly from us (10 euros). Send us a mail at if you want your copy!

Thanks to all the artists and friends involved : Unlisted Fanatic, Disciples & Parvez

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First Vynil Release

rd release

rd release

Greetings Dub addicts,

We really excited. Our first record will be available in a few weeks in all the good shops. We are taking now pre-orders. If you want to safe your copy, send an email to

The Disciples and Unlisted Fanatic feat Parvez aka The Dub Factory : Rise Up / Legacy
10inch full release in april.

Listen the preview here :

Watch the teaser here :

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Greetings dear dub addicts, we have some good news :

We are happy to tell you that Reservoir Dub is becoming a recordlabel. Our first record will be a 10inch and will be out in april. We are really proud to have collaborated with Unlisted Fanatic -one of the greatest beljam dubmaker – for this first release. He made the riddim with The Disciples and has recorded Parvez Thedubfactory.

We’ll give a release party the 20 april to celebrate that! Stay tuned, we’ll put a sample very soon ;-)


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Two days before the first day of 2019. It’s time to thank all the people who followed us, booked us and supported us this year. It’s Crazy to have celebrate 10 years of Reservoir Dub in 2018. Special big up to Haspar, Sama Renuka, Mr Zebre, Gamma Sound, The Roots Corner Soundsystem, Anaïs, Val, Elia, Radio Panik and all the friends. We are looking forward to be in 2019 and bring you new radio shows and dances. Also, we are happy to announce we gonna release the first vynil from Reservoir Dub Records. Stay tune for more news.

Happy new year every one and see you next year!

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RESERVOIR DUB 10 years After Movie

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EVENT : Reservoir Dub – 10 years & dubbing

reservoir dub 10 years

reservoir dub 10 years

We are back in Brussels and we would be really happy to celebrate the Reservoir Dub’s birthday with you!

The project is born in june 2008 with a radio show. In 2010, we have starded to organize some dances and in 2013 we have created a netlabel.

During these 10 years, we crossed so many soundsystems, dubmakers and promoters! We have organized 6 editions of « On the dub again », 5 editions of « Au Quai dub », 4 editions of « BXL Dub Garden », a dance in Kultururkaffe and so many other events and collaboration. we are proud to have booked artists like Mad Professor, Lab Frequency, Mighty Patch, The Dubateers, Jambassador, Disrupt, Soom T, Dawa Hifi, Gamma Sound, O.B.F., Lyricall Benjie, Crucial Alphonso, Panda Dub, Weeding Dub, Mahom, Digitron, Webcam Hifi, Agobun Sound, La Face B, Culture Dub, K-Sann, RDH, Stepper Allianz, Mr Zebre, Dub Fi Youth, Forward Fever, The Roots Corner, Black Pearl, High and irie, Ionyouth and many more…

For this special birthday, we’ll have the pleasure to welcome for the first time in Belgium the dubmaker called HASPAR (Grenoble – France). As usual, the dance will be powered by Gamma Sound. We’ll have special guests.

Line-Up :

Haspar DubMaker(fr)
Sama Renuka (fr)
Gamma Soundsystem
Reservoir dub with Jokah Jeff and Jamma Dim

We are proud te welcome you at C12 and we hope it’s the first edition of so many C-Dub parties :-)

Venue : C12 – Brussels (close to the central station)

Tickets :

presales : 7 eurs
Doors : 10 euros

Buy your ticket here :

Check the event facebook :

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RADIO SHOW 26.07.18.

New counter Action

We are back this thursday 26th of july for a new radio show!

For the first hour, we’ll play some freshes relases :

- Dub Up Hi Fi 12 inch (beljam band) with Juli Jupter, Moonshine Horns, Prince Livijah and Unlisted Fanatic
- Babah Jah and Numesa : every knee shall bow
- a new 12inch from Counter Action with I-Mitri and Rainbow Coallition
- a new 12inch from Scotch Bonnet with Mark Iration, Danny T and Tradesman
- a new 10inch from Earthtikal Towa with Jennifer Barret and Mighty Howard

And a roots reggae selection selected by Jokah Jeff in the second part of the show!

Tune in Radio Panik at 9.30 PM—> for the stream.


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RADIO SHOW 23.11.17.

Lion's choice record's release

Lion’s choice record’s release

We are back this thursday 23 of november for a new radio show!

After a little introduction, we’ll play some freshes releases from Lion’s den (with RDH & Natural Tribulation), Alpha Steppa’s LP and the freh LP from Metta Frequencies, two beljam dubmakers.

And than, we’ll be back in the oldies! For the « Transversal Prog » about the vol (flight or thieves in french), we have decided to give you an oldies dubby mix with only tunes from dub masters : King Tubby, The scientist, Roots Radic, Mad Professor, Improvisator Dub and many more. A mind blowing Selection prodvided from Jokah Jeff & AVL!

Tune in Radio Panik at 9.30 PM—> for the stream.


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We have bad news :

Brussels environment, the park owner, told us 10 days ago they also gave the venue to a new guinguette / open-air cafe . They have all the place… So unfortunately,It’s not possible to make it there if they are there as well. Brussels Environment showed us another place in the park but it’s not an official place and it would take so much time to have the different autorisations.

And it’s not all. The have changed the rules about the sound limit. Last year we could push till 90 db. Now we can’t push over 85 db. It’s not enough for soundystem vibes as you know. If we play over 85 db, we’ll have a fine!

Well, it’s really too much risks for us. We can’t do it with a sound so weak and without autorisations.

So unfortunately we have to cancel the session.

We just don’t understand why the have waited till now to told us these importants informations. If we knew it a few month ago, maybe we could find another venue or directly cancel the event. It’s a shame. We worked a lot to make it happen and learn that so close from the dance is really hard.

We are really sorry. We were so happy to make it again and give you a big dance
Be sure we will try to make a dance soon !

Echo Space Crew

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