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PODCAST – RADIO SHOW With Roots Pressure as special guest

itopia 2New podcast!

We are happy to welcome Roel from I-Topia tonight in the radio show! You can expect a great selection. It will be a nice ocassion to speak with him about roots and culture and of course I-topia


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PODCAST 26.08.21. With THE ROOTS CORNER as special guest

The Roots Corner as special guest!

The Roots Corner as special guest!

We are happy to promote two things tonight : Gate couleur café with The Roots Corner Soundsystem as spécial guest in the show and also obvisously our brand new release with Danny Red, Haspar, Sama Renuka and Unlisted Fanatic.
Stream here :





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PODCAST – RADIO SHOW 10.01.19. Special 2018

Up Deh

Up Deh

We are back this thursday 10th of december for a new radio show!

For the first show of the year, we’ll be back in 2018! We have selected some tunes released last year that we really love for the first hour of the show! You can expect some tunes from these recordslabel : Dub Up, Spellbreakers, CounterAction, Deng Deng, 4 weed, Scotch Bonnet, Lion’s choice and the Subvivors .

There are so many other tunes we would like to play, so there will be a second episode later 😉

Our new selecta resident called Woodub will bring some records for the second part of the show!

Tune in Radio Panik at 9.30 PM—> for the stream.

Listen the PODCAST :


—> 2018 releases

1. Vibronics feat. Trila Jenna : ghetto yout nah give up (Woman on a mission LP – scoops records)
2. Spellbrekers : who feels it knows (SpellBreakers records – 12inch)
3. dub
4. Prince livijah ; red alert (Dub Up records – 7 inch)
5. dub alert
6. Rainbow Coalition feat : the movement (Counteraction records – 12inch)
7. the movement dub
8. Dan I Locks : jah in my life (Deng Deng records – 7inch)
9. Ashanti Selah : version
10. Danny T & Tradeseman feat Mark Iration : up deh (Scotch Bonnets Records – 12inch)
11. down deh
12. Haspar & Fikir la amlak ; back away (Lions Choice & Black Redemptions Records 12 inch)
13. dub
14. dub kasman: inna west (4 weeds records – 10 inch)
15. far west
16. the subvivors : ruff pt 1 (The Subvivors records – 12 inch)

—> Woodub’s slection :

1. Roman Stewart : Casanova (Rockers 10″)
2. Augustus Pablo : Casanova Dub (Rockers 10″)
3. Augustus Pablo : Rockers Meets King Tubby In A Fire House (Shanachie Records LP)
4. Prince Alla : City Whithout Pity (Freedom Sounds 12″)
5. Natty Sessions and Dennis Bovell ft. Matic Horns & Mad Professor : Tribulation (Ariwa LP)
6. The Meditations : Bad Minded (Vibes House 10″)
7. Smoodneck : Bad Minded Dub (Vibes House 10″)
8. The Viceroys : Heart Made Of Stone (Taxi 12″)
9. Fikir La Amlak ft. I Jah Salomon : Josha’s Anthem (Salomon Heritage 12″)
10. The Riddim Activist ft. I Jah Salomon : Horns Of Jericho (Salomon Heritage 12″)
11. Jacin : Redemption Dub Part.1 (Equal Brothers 12″)
12. Jacin : Redemption Dub Part.2 (Equal Brothers 12″)
13. Saralène & Vibronics : Judgement Day (Scoops 10″)
14. Vibronics : Version (Scoops 10″)
15. Errol Arawak : Blooshed (King Earthquake 7″)
16. Errol Arawak : Blooshed Dub (King Earthquake 7″)
17. Von D : Lamb’s Bread (Green Arrow 12″)

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PODCAST : RADIO SHOW 26.01.17. –> Special 2016

2016 best of

2016 best of

Greetings Listeners!

A New radio show this thursday about 2016!

We’ll play only tunes released in the last past year from : Emana Sound, Equal Brothers, Ackboo, Vibronics (Scoops Records), I-Skankers, Forward Fever, Weeding Dub, Moa Anbessa, Alpha Steppa, Skank O clock, Stricktly Dub Records, Upstir Records, Indica Dubs, and many more!

But First, we’ll play some tunes from the upcoming Mahom’s album!

Let’s tune at 9.30 PM on Radio Panik —>


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RADIOSHOW 09.10.2014 – Special JUNGLIST – Mix by I-SON vs Mighty Patch


Greetings Reservoir Dub listeners!!!

Something different tonight, a special show about Jungle Music! Mighty Mat, Joka Jeff, and Ichman in da studio will welcome a guest from Brussels who’s mixing Jungle DnB since few years, I-SON Selecta!
At the program, a few released tracks from this last 3 months as usual, but for this time, ina Jungle stylee! We’ll discover some productions from Totally Dubwize label, Isaac Maya, and also belgian producers as TropManga (from Unification Sound crew)… It will be an occasion to listen to impressive tracks of the jungle movement and to learn more about this music, not like an history course, but like a personal point of vue on the evolution of this style!
During the second part of the show, we’ll listening to a special mix session with the combo I-Son vs Mighty Patch at the turntables, with some wicked toasting from Ichman pon di mic! Ready?
JUNGLE is MASSIVE! Strikkly for Bass addicts!!! Let’s tune at 9.30 PM on Radio Panik!


LISTEN to the first part with the I-SON’s interview (in french)

Listen to the Jungle Dj set > I-SON vs MIGHTY PATCH :

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RADIO SHOW 23.08.12 – SPECIAL Outlook Festival

Outlook 2012

Nouveau podcast, consacré a ce festival, ou l’on parle de forêt, de douves, et de Charlie P.



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Control Tower

Control Tower

Nous vous donnons rendez-vous ce jeudi pour une édition spéciale sur le label français Control Tower.

Vous saurez tout du label bordelais, de ses débuts jusqu’à son actualité. Les noms de Sirhill et de ses acolytes (The Dub Machinist, I-Plant, Weeding Dub,…) sont loin d’être inconnus des amoureux des cultures Dub. En effet, Control Tower, qui est également un studio d’enregistrement et un distributeur de musique, est actif en France, voire en Europe,  depuis plus d’une dizaine d’années maintenant. Nous vous proposons d’écouter, à travers les deux heures d’émission une grande partie de leurs productions.

Pour cela, connectez-vous dès 21h30 sur Radio Panik. Peace & Dub.

Plus d’informations sur Control Tower ici :

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