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Follow the link and listen to our Radiophonic Focus about the Fianar Reggae Festival 2014, in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar. Mighty Mat went during the last edition on this big island in the middle of the indian ocean to meet and interview some malagasy artists… Back in Belgium, he decided to present a radio documentary about the festival and the malagasy reggae scene! Many big vibes are coming from this country far away, and this is a real discovery about some artists living and performing there ! Reggae is everywhere, and in Madagascar for sure, it’s a real mix between Roots and traditional Malagasy music. In this focus, you’ll meet and listen to many malagasy artists & activists : Christian (from Reggasy band/organisator), Valéry (organisator), Lolo Jah-nary (artist FRF), William le Rasta (artist FRF), Sammy (from Tarika Sammy band – artist FRF), Raya (artist FRF), Fony & Naïna (from Eka Zaho band), …

SPECIAL THANKS to Fianarantsoa Alliance Française and Sarondra for the connections!!! To all the Artists & organisators we met on the road: Reggasy, Eka Zaho, Rootsikalo, Majestic Lion, Raya, Sammy, Lolo, William, Jimmy, Ital Tunes, Gilles, Lucie, Sylviane, Jaco Lion, …….

MADA 2014 – Interview realized by Mighty Mat & Matou @ Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, April 2014. Edited by Mighty Mat. This interview was broadcasted on Radio Panik the 11 of september 2014.

LISTEN to the First PART (in french) :

LISTEN to the Second PART (in french) :

FIANAR REGGAE Festival page

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