RADIO SHOW 26.12.13.


New radio show this thursday :

For the last show of 2013, we’ll play only  tunes only released in 2013. Joka Jeff will be at the selection in featuring with MC Ichman. You can expect some productions from Iroko, Barbes D, Weeding Dub, Storm & Break and more…

This time, the show will starts at 10 pm on Radio Panik.


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RADIO SHOW 28.11.13. (dubcast#29)

New K-Sann

New radio show this thursday 28 of november :

We’ll broacast an interview with Cultural Warriors and a new chronicle about the mento music from the 30’s. As usual, we’ll make a dj set during the secont part of the show with our best selection included classic reggae tunes and dubplates. Obvisously, we’ll play some brand new dub releases like the new Dubkasm, Storm&Break, Indica dubs, K-Sann and more… Joka Jeff and Mighty Mat will be behind the desks in featuring with Ichman.

The show starts at 9.30 pm on Radio Panik.


Listen the first part (french speaking) :


Listen the dj set :


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New Storm&break

New Reservoir DubCast!

The show was recorded the 27 of june 2013 in the Panik’s studio. As usual, you can listen the first part which we are speaking in french. There’s a focus about Seasplash Festival and some tunes released on the great Iroko-Burning Bush Record. We also broadcasted an interview with the french producer Brain Damage.

Then, you can listen the second part of the show which is more a selection from Mat Mighty Patch & Joka Jeff with classic tunes and some new records as for exemple the new Hatman ft. Messenger Douglas/strong> from Storm&Break, some brand new tunes from Iroko and a nice release from japon with Makiko, the label is called 176 records!

Listen the mag here:



1. Fat Freddys Drop : Hope
2. Matic Horns feat Henry Buttons Tenyue – Know your rights
3. Twilight Circus : tba
4. Ital Horns: Purification
5. Adrian Sherwood : Bring me weed
6. Bush Chemists : raw raw dub
7. Interview with Brain damage
8. Crucial Alphonso : pressure stepper
9. Earl 16 : juicey black
10. The producers : juicey version
11. Winston Jarret : run away
12. version
13. Kibir La amlak : lion step

listen the dj set here :



14. tba mat
15. Prince Robinson : everyone has got to do
16. Soul Syndicate : everyone’s dubplate
17. mat tba
18. The northone : righteous hand
19. Lone Ark Riddim Force : righteous dub
20. Earl 16 : natty farming
21. The producers : farming version
22. Messenger Douglas : one man’s work
23. Far East : revelation 5
24. Hatman : african dub
25. Dub Tribe
26. Makiko : high stepper
27. version


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RADIO SHOW 27.06.13.

New Iroko

Nouvelle émission ce jeudi 27 juin :

Au menu de ce soir, une interview avec Brain Damage, qui a été réalisée par Dim lorsque le dubmaker français s’était produit au VK. Nous viendrons également avec une sélection bien fournie d’artistes qui se produiront au Seasplash en Croatie mais aussi à la stand Firm de ce samedi à Courtrai qui accueillera l’anglais Kibir La Amlack. Nous aurons également quelques nouveautés avec les nouveaux Storm&Break, 176 Sounds records, LionRoots Records avec des productions de Crucial Alphonso et… Un gros focus sur le label Iroko qui fait partie de Burning Bush. Ce label vient de sortir quelques sorties très intéressantes avec notamment Earl 16 et Winston Jarret.

Rendez-vous dès 21h30 sur Radio Panik

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